Spring Break: Disneyland Paris


I have always loved anything and everything Disney. I’ve never been a Disney super fan, but I would never turn down a trip to the happiest place on earth. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a kid again, at least for a little while? So when I decided I was going to Paris for the second time, I knew I had to take a day and go to Disneyland. Sydney, a friend I have made since being abroad, loved the idea of going to Disneyland Paris too. Both of us had already been to Paris before, so our decision to go wasn’t too difficult. You could say we were excited like little kids in a candy shop when we officially decided.IMG_1488_edited

Since I arrived to Paris first, I took off to get our tickets. After some research, I discovered I could purchase Disney tickets at the Fnac (a store similar to Best Buy) on Champs Elysees. They usually have the best prices and sometimes a discount. However, you do have to go at least one day in advance to purchase a ticket. Once we had our tickets, we couldn’t wait to start our day at Disney early the next morning.

The next morning, we were up bright and early because we wanted to be at the park when it opened. We wanted to make the most of our day at Disney, and that we did! The metro system in Paris is very good and we were able to use our metro passes to get us pretty close to Disney. We did have to buy a second ticket when we got to the end of the line to get us to Disneyland’s front door. It was much cheaper to go by train as well. Luckily the parks weren’t extremely busy because we got off of our train and walked straight in.

If you have ever been to anything Disney, you know just how magical it can be when you walk through that front gate and straight down Main Street. Disneyland Paris was no exception. It also probably didn’t hurt that they were preparing for their 25th anniversary celebration starting the very next day. Disneyland Paris is home to Sleeping Beauty’s castle, while it is definitely no Cinderella castle, it did not lack in its magical charm.IMG_1487 (1)_edited

After a moment of admiring the beautiful castle, we took off for the rides. We started with Thunder Mountain in Frontierland. Somehow we ended up in line before the ride opened, which meant we got on super quick. Not a bad way to start our day if you ask me. Next we headed straight for Phantom Manor because we had to say hello to the friendly ghosts.

Our next stop was in Fantasyland. I don’t know about y’all, but anytime I go to any Disney park, Peter Pan always seems to have the longest line. Paris was no different. Since none of us have gotten to ride the Peter Pan ride, we decided it would be worth the wait. However, to our disappointment the ride closed right as we got in line. So as we tried to “think happy thoughts,” we headed for the Mad Hatter Teacups and It’s A Small World. Also, if you are an Alice in Wonderland fanatic, Disneyland Paris is for you! They have several Alice-themed rides and activities. You can shrink down to Alice’s size in her labyrinth maze, get really dizzy on the spinning teacups, and even meet all of the characters. Oh, and you definitely can’t forget “It’s a Small World!” A must ride at any Disney theme park.IMG_1604 (1)_edited

After spending a little time in some of our favorite childhood memories brought to life, we headed over to Discoveryland to finish our time at Disneyland. Unfortunately, Space Mountain: Mission 2 was closed for renovations, but don’t think we didn’t spend a little time in the future. Of course we had to go visit Buzz, Woody, and the gang at Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. We blasted those aliens into oblivion! Until next time, “To infinity and beyond!”

Saving the Galaxy, one alien at a time!

A few more pics from our time in Disneyland Paris!


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