Lunch with a Jordanian Family


Every Saturday my roommate Jordan and I teach English to a group of middle school students. Last week, one of the girls invited Jordan and me to have lunch at her house. One day after class, we went to the girl’s house. We met her mother, her older sister, and four of her brothers (yes, there are more!), then ate a traditional chicken and rice dish served with a yogurt sauce called maqluba. We then ate a dessert called knafa, but instead of the traditional cheese center, it was filled with Nutella. I ate every bite!

After lunch we played video games and soccer with her brothers. They were so sweet and gave Jordan and me each a rose from their garden. Afterwards, we talked to her mother and sister. We spoke in both English and Arabic, so we all benefitted from speaking a language not native to us. We discussed them visiting the United States and cultural differences. I love talking to Jordanians about their culture and hearing their points of view on it. It’s one thing to learn about the Jordanian lifestyle in a classroom but another to experience it firsthand.

We stayed until one of her brothers drove us home at around 7:30 that evening. Jordan and I had planned on getting a taxi home since the drive is about forty five minutes, but they insisted on taking us home. I had the best afternoon getting to know my student better and meeting her family. They were all so kind and invited Jordan and me to have lunch with them again tomorrow after class. The mother told us that whatever she cooked us would be a surprise, because she wants us to try something new. I cannot wait to see the family again and eat more home cooked Jordanian food!



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