Wadi Rum


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A few weeks ago my friends and I took a trip to Wadi Rum. When we arrived at the camp, we put our bags in our tent and went exploring. The camp was set up beside a group of tall rocks which we climbed for about an hour. I went up the rocks higher than the others, since heights don’t bother me. I sat up there by myself for a while and looked over the desert before me. Both the sand and the rocks were red, and I saw camels in the distance. The wind was so strong I couldn’t hear anything below me. I enjoyed a few minutes of being truly alone. After that, I headed down the rocks to meet back up with my friends where we sat and talked.

Afterwards, we climbed down the rocks and did some yoga. For someone who doesn’t do yoga, it was actually very relaxing. About thirty minutes later, we went to the main tent to drink some traditional Bedouin tea with the Bedouins and other tourists. We explored the camp a little longer until dinner was ready- meat and vegetables cooked underground. The food was very good, and I definitely ate way too much! After dinner, we walked outside of the camp to get a better view of the stars. because we were far away from any lights, the sky looked amazing.

The next day, we woke up early and left the camp. We rode around the desert in the bed of a truck and made a few stops to drink more tea and take pictures. Finally, we made it to the main event- riding camels. They had several camels with saddles on them for tourists to ride. One of the camels had recently given birth, and her son followed us around as they led us through the desert. When on a camel, you are surprisingly high off the ground, and it is not a necessarily smooth ride. Nonetheless, the experience was exciting as all of the camels have distinct personalities. After our ride, the baby camel stormed off, clearly upset about something. The mother called for him to come back to her, but he simply yelled and continued walking away.

The camel ride was the perfect way to end our trip to Wadi Rum. We returned to Amman that night very satisfied with our little weekend getaway. Everyone who goes to Jordan must visit Wadi Rum.

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