Germany: Hallo Dortmund!


After saying goodbye to Mississippi, I said hallo to Dortmund! If you are unfamiliar with the German language, “hallo” means “hello” so it’s pretty easy to remember with only one letter different!

Über Dortmund (About Dortmund)

Dortmund is an city in central North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  It has a population of over 600,000 people, making it about 25 times as large as Oxford, Mississippi. This is insane for me because Oxford is was the largest city I had ever lived in!

Dortmund’s Coat of Arms

Dortmund is home of Technical University of Dortmund (the university I am attending), Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, International School of Management and other educational institutes, totaling over 49,000 students, which is about twice as many as the University of Mississippi!

Dortmunder U (The U-Tower in Dortmund)

One of the symbols of the city is the Dortmunder U and it was the first high-rise built in Dortmund in the 1920’s. The Union Brewery used this building for fermentation and storage, so naturally the U stands for Union Brewery. Since 2010 the old brewery building has served as an arts center as well as having a club on the top floor! I don’t think it gets more German than that!

dortmunder u
The Dortmunder U

Last Saturday, we went to the club at the top, called The View. It might’ve been a little over-hyped, but it was still really cool because you could see the the whole city! In reality if you weren’t in VIP, you could only see it a little bit, but it was still amazing! The View posts pics from the club on their website and here are a few of them below!


Thier Galerie (The Mall)

I’ve also been to the mall in Dortmund quite a few times, especially since it took my suitcase about a week to get here after I arrived! One thing that was very surprising to me was that malls are completely different. There are all sorts of things there including a large pharmacy and grocery store! It was pretty overwhelming considering I think there are more people in that mall than there are in my hometown!

Probably not very big if you’re from a city back in the states, but to me it is pretty overwhelming!

Another fun fact about the mall is that they have better wifi than any location on the TU Dortmund campus so I am posting this at the mall right now!

If anyone knows anything about Dortmund that I should check out let me know!

See you soon,


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