Florence: Allez les Bleus!


Last weekend I had the absolute treasure of visiting France during the World Cup finals. I started my weekend by taking Flixbus from Florence to Cannes. I have to say, the bus was not my favorite mode of transportation, but the price couldn’t be beat. The only real issue I had was that we had a 3 hour layover from 2-5am. In America, this wouldn’t have been a problem. In a random city in Italy, however, there was absolutely nowhere to go. Even the McDonald’s was closed. My roommates and I were forced to wait on a bench until our bus arrived. Thank goodness I had familiarized myself with the entire plot of Bella Thorne’s newest movie “You Get Me” because I was able to reenact every scene entertaining my roommates for a good hour and a half. Our bus finally came, though, and we headed to Cannes.

Once we arrived in Cannes, we made our way to the nearest store and asked for help getting a taxi. Our taxi came quickly and we were dropped off at our hotel in a matter of minutes. Hotel Chanteclaire was in the center of town. We spent the rest of the day walking around the city and even went to the beach. We were lucky enough to be in France on both National French Fry Day, Bastille Day, and the World Cup Final, so we spent the weekend soaking in all of the culture (eating lots of pomme frites) and enjoying the fireworks.

On Bastille Day, we took a day trip to Nice. We went swimming on the (rocky) beaches and enjoyed escargot. Nice was one of my favorite places. It was absolutely beautiful, and the view from the ocean was stunning.

After our second night in Cannes, we headed to Menton to finish our trip. In Menton, both Andrew and two Ole Miss students studying abroad met up with my roommates and I. It was the day of the World Cup and we were beyond excited to watch the game. We watched the first half of the game at a restaurant and the second half in a town square surrounded by people. After France won, the whole country went wild. People were running down the streets singing and cars were honking their horns all night.

Overall, France absolutely has my heart and I cannot wait to go back.

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