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After almost 2 months in Europe, I’m still baffled how simple and convenient travel is here. In my time here, I’ve been to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and so many places in Spain. Obviously I love Valencia, but unless I move here (not ruling that out, don’t tell my mom), travel will never be this accessible again, and I just can’t pass that up.

I know that not everyone has the desire to travel, but in my opinion, if it’s possible they definitely should. The opportunity to travel even one place for a summer has been the chance of a lifetime. The fact that I’ve been able to travel around and outside of Spain is just icing on the cake.

Coming into this internship experience, travel was just something to do for fun. While it’s absolutely still fun, it means so much more to me now. Travel has allowed me to step in and actually attempt to understand other places and cultures. At home, of course we’re aware that other people and places are different from what we’re used to, but until traveling, there is no way to understand the extent of that reality. In addition to the differences, it has also been very interesting to observe the similarities.

The differences in lifestyle, people, and culture when you travel just a few hours in Europe is absolutely wild. In the US, there’s obviously regional differences, but you can travel from Mississippi to California and do just fine for yourself when it comes to understanding both language and lifestyle. In Europe, you can travel an hour within the same country, and they speak a different language/dialect, and live a totally different lifestyle.

I feel like I’ve done so much and visited so many places in my two months here, but I’ve only just scratched the surface. Knowing this makes going home so much harder.

As hard as it is to leave, my time here has completely solidified that I will absolutely be coming back. Both to Valencia and to Europe in general. Who knows, maybe I’ll just pick up and move here.

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