Jordan: Ajloun


Hello, friends! My travels took me to Ajloun, Jordan this week! So far, definitely the most picturesque place in Jordan I have visited yet. The rolling hills and winding road kept me on my toes as the views changed with every new angle of observation. I feel so blessed and truly spoiled to have gotten such an opportunity to experience scenery unknown to me and so many in the U.S. Now, enough of that! Onto the day’s events!

My teachers and I started by boarding a bus to Ajloun and taking the hour and a half trek to Northern Jordan. This was peaceful for the most part, but was kind of really warm. When we arrived in Ajloun, we realized just how inaccessible it was without a car. Turns out, taxis were not nearly as abundant like in Amman, or even Jerash. Lucky for us, we found one!

He took us to the Ajloun Castle, where we sat atop one of the many hills and gazed out. The entire structure was truly massive and an impressive feat. It was almost maze-like with rooms and chambers that snaked around the property. No surprise, this has also been my favorite set of ruins in Jordan so far. The structure was incredibly cool and managed to completely block out the heat of the day. The entire castle was outfitted with slots for bows, and I guess that also served to introduce fresh air into each corridor and room. The view from the top was amazing but unfortunately, due to the low-lying clouds that day, we weren’t able to see as far off as we had hoped. It was still pretty neat though.

After exploring for a while, we decided to go to a waterfall that was supposed to be nearby. This part of the trip was actually my favorite. Along this drive through the curvy hillside, I got to witness all the breathtaking views. Olive trees ranged as far as the eye could see! This was slightly obscured by our driver, who was super reckless and whipped around every turn. Caetlind three months ago probably would’ve had a panic attack induced from his carelessness. A great way to evaluate personal growth, I suppose. We arrived to a waterfall surrounded by more trash than I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness for the views on the drive, because Lord knows when we actually got down to the waterfall it was a letdown. A place with such potential turned into a landfill because people had no respect for the grounds. It was a shame.

if you look close enough, you can see plastic bags caught on the rocks

After our trash filled excursion, we decided to call it quits in Ajloun and head to Jerash for dinner. If you ever find yourself in Jerash, shoot for the Green Saloon for food. You’ll never be disappointed! After dinner my teacher and I decided to take a car back to Amman because the busses were no longer running. That was…. interesting to say the least. We arrived safely and went our separate ways, exhausted from our journey. All in all, it was a day well spent with incredible views and company. Hopefully I will get to go back to Ajloun before I leave to experience the animal reserve and forest! Only time will tell.

In other news, few days ago I was officially at the halfway point of my study abroad experience. I seriously cannot believe it has been three months! At the end of my six months, I will post a reflection hopefully, so stay tuned for that.

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