Summers in Italy

Amalfi Coast- Positano

Summers in Italy are hot! Weekend trips to the beach are a must! There are so many beaches in Italy, but the Amalfi coast is definitely one of the most popular. And I totally understand why. The Amalfi coast has so much to offer and its close location to the island of Capri also makes it a popular destination.

My roommates and I decided to head to the coast this past weekend to see what it was all about. It has been one of my favorite weekends in Italy so far. We stayed in Sorrento which is located on the Amalfi Coast. We pulled in on a Thursday night and looking down at the coast was something I will never forget! On Friday, we headed to the beautiful island of Capri. We were all so excited- especially for the Blue Grotto! The Blue Grotto is a cave located on the island where the sunlight causes the water to illuminate a bright blue color. To enter the grotto- you have to lay down in a tiny boat which makes the journey exciting, but also means you can only when there is a low tide. As we entered the grotto, our oarsmen sang to us and whistled. It was so cool! So happy to say that I have been to one of the seven natural wonders of Europe! The rest of the day, we took a boat cruise around the island where we also saw the green grotto, white grotto, and the Faraglioni- all gorgeous! In Capri, we tried the famous Limoncello and chocolate and had the best seafood. Overall, it was a good day:)

The Blue Grotto

On Saturday, we cruised to Positano- a cliffside beach village. It was so nice to lay out at the beach and cool off in the Tyrrhenian Sea. I was in much need of vitamin sea! I enjoyed getting out of Rome to have a beach weekend.


A few other must-dos while on the Amalfi coast include the chairlift on Monte Solaro. This peaceful single ride chair lift gives you a beautiful view of the island. In addition, I highly recommend a quick visit to Pompeii since it is so close! There are plenty of other beaches in Italy to check out but the Amalfi coast is for sure one of the most beautiful!

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