Strikes at The University of Edinburgh

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I thought that I would share a little bit about the real stuff that is happening at my university. These blogs are full of fun getaways and tips on having a successful and fun time at these abroad universities but there is so much more that happens that is not talked about. I have talked about all of my fun trips and making friends but now I would like to talk about what is currently going on at The University of Edinburgh. The professors have been striking off and on at the university for about two years now. Their goal is to fight pay inequality, job insecurity, rising workloads, and pay devaluation. They decided to strike for three weeks straight this semester to push the school to make these important changes. I absolutely support the strike because I know how hard teachers have to work and they usually never get paid the amount they deserve. On the other hand, I have missed out on 12 of my Scottish Literature classes in this time period. I have had to walk past picketers to get to my classroom. I have had to move classroom locations due to the strikers occupying buildings. I have decided not to walk in certain directions to avoid protesters. Again, I love that they are fighting ‘the man’ but this is not what I was expecting when I decided to go to Edinburgh. I am scared that these strikes will affect my academic performance and consequently my grade average.

On top of the strikes, the newest topic of conversation has been surrounding the coronavirus. I have heard that one student has caught the virus but I do not know that for sure. Now, everyone is talking about the school closing down after the strikes and travel restrictions. I don’t want to be a bummer. I have had an amazing time while I have been here and I am hoping to continue having a great time but studying abroad can bring some unexpected stresses.

One thing that has given me some relief has been knowing that Scotland is giving me free health insurance while I am here. So if this virus were to take over the world, I kind of feel safer here with free insurance than at home with my cheap insurance that almost covers nothing.

I just wanted to get real for one blog post. I will now return to the fun trips and good times while in Scotland.

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