Choosing a University: The University of Sydney in Australia

Studying abroad involves quite a few choices about your studies including what to study, but most importantly in my case, where to study. Beyond considering language barriers, climate conditions, sociopolitical tranquility, and other factors in regions of interest, I also needed to do more research once I established compatibility with a certain region or country. 

My Flight to Sydney
These aren’t stock photos, all taken by me, it really is this beautiful! 🙂

First, I was tied between France and Australia. Considering the language barrier and the colder season I would have experienced in France, I decided on Australia, which has so many beautiful cities and prestigious universities to offer. Narrowing my choices to Gold Coast, Queensland- a most beautiful coastal city with quite a tropical vibe, known locally as the ‘surfers’ paradise’- and Sydney, New South Wales- the metropolitan hub of all of Australia, an international city of sorts that never sleeps and never runs out of new activities to do or new people to meet- the tie was a bit harder to break. This got me looking at more specifics of the universities in each location, and the University of Sydney had me enthralled straight away. 

The Quad
Some of the best friends imaginable, brought together by our programs at USyd

The University of Sydney, known locally as USyd or Sydney Uni, is a large uni right in the heart of Sydney’s city centre. As a business student, their renowned business school caught my eye right away. Not only are the course offerings extensive, challenging yet attainable, and extremely beneficial academically, but the facilities are quite aesthetically pleasing, and the food at Abercrombie Terrace is the best on campus! Being right across from the Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre and just down the road from the main library and the photo famous quadrangle, being in the business school for a class or just to study at in one of the various study spaces really kept in mind all of the wonderful facilities USyd has to offer.

Being such a friendly and inclusive campus, it’s not uncommon to walk past vendors handing out free coffees, the University Student Union giving out free hot lunch, or a club/society fair going on across the campus. I loved the experience of being able to walk into random buildings on campus and see the study areas, different atmospheres in each place depending on the environment you need. I loved having the restaurants and bars on campus to grab an inexpensive lunch or even some pizza and a glass of wine for dinner before heading home. Although it’s not as common to live on campus at USyd, it is a campus that makes you feel at home everyday. I was glad that I put in the research when looking for the place I would be the happiest, so I encourage others who are looking to study abroad to do the same. Don’t choose your city solely for its beaches or attractions- there’s a difference between just visiting a place and living there. Make sure the environment you will be in on a day-to-day basis is somewhere compatible for you where you will be happy and healthy while abroad. Although temporary, for anywhere from a several weeks to several months, this will be your home, so choose wisely and enjoy your time at your home abroad. 🙂

Victoria Park, the best scenic walk to campus

– Robynn P. from Down Under

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