The Seoul Diaries: Christmas in Korea

메리 크리스마스 여러분! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All! I have just finished celebrating Christmas in South Korea and it was very fun. This blog post will be a bit short, but I want to cover all the things that I experienced this past weekend.

Christmas Cake Culture

Little did I know that the cake chaos of the holidays would start off on Christmas Eve Day. When I went outside, all I saw where people carrying these small decorated boxes around the subway, streets, and buses. Then, I walked into a Twosome Place and realized that Christmas cakes are very popular during the holidays in Korea. On one side of the display case were sets and sets of cake boxes that people had pre-ordered and were ready for pick-up. On the other side, sat a sparse collection of cakes (ranging from $30-40). Most of them had been bought up already by people. While scrolling through Instagram, I saw a bunch of my friends with pictures of the cutest winter/Christmas-themed cakes. Seeing so many other people with cakes only made me feel that I needed to get a cake for Christmas too because everyone else was doing it. Plus they looked delicious! If only I had a refrigerator that could fit the whole thing in….

Christmas Day 🎄

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way~~ This day started what would be an all-day Harry Potter Movie Marathon for me and my parents, who flew to Korea to spend Christmas with me. Together, we spent the whole day watching Harry Potter movies 1-8 while eating various types of burgers and counting how many times certain advertisements on the TV would repeat themselves in one 10-minute long commercial break. It was a lot of fun and we made it through all of the movies before the end of the day! The only downsides: it was under 10 degrees outside, the streets were practically empty, the cakes at a Twosome Place were all sold out, and some food stores were closed.

To put you back in the Christmas spirit, here are a few Christmas-related photos that I took:

I had a very good holiday time in South Korea and can’t wait to start the New Year in a few days~

🌟 See you in 2022! 🌟

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