Why didn’t I know about Salerno, Italy sooner?

Ciao a tutti! My name is Summer and I’m currently studying Italian Language at Accademia Italiana. Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the small things that make Salerno a hotspot for you to visit if you ever decide to come to Italy. One of my most recent experiences is just exploring the city without directions and just really taking in the landscape around me. While doing this, I happen to find a small section of the older side of Salerno to be an art district. Every wall was painted or had some kind of beautiful mosaic piece. They also had work of a popular poet named Alfonso Gatto who is known as one of the first Italian poets. His work is used in the art pieces spread about the town and plenty for your viewing. This is one of the many interesting things that you will find in Salerno. Sadly you will have to wait until next week for another amazing insight to Salerno. Arrivederci!

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