Amsterdam & Leaving London


This past weekend, I got the opportunity to go to Amsterdam. Since I can remember Amsterdam has been number on my bucket list. Once we arrived, I oddly didn’t feel like a tourist. There were no tourist shops surprisingly so maybe that was it? On Saturday, we woke up early to go to Vincent Van Gogh Art Museum. It has always been a dream of mine to go there. I learned a lot about Van Gogh throughout growing up so, it was really amazing to see all of his work. It was also interesting to hear more about his personal life, and his family. After the museum, we went out to get lunch and drinks. Amsterdam has a beer that you can only get in Amsterdam, so of course, we had to try it. It was actually one of my favorite drinks! After that, we went to a local market where they had just about everything. This included food, drinks, clothing, jewelry, and more. We eventually met locals that night, which ended up giving us a great tour of the town on Sunday. We even got tea by the canal with them. It was one of my favorite weekends studying abroad, I didn’t want to leave Amsterdam. As I writing this, I leave London tomorrow. It has been such a crazy experience that I wouldn’t change the world for. I am leaving with lifelong friendships, so many clothes, new skills, and becoming a better version of myself!

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