Running With the Bulls

One of the most infamous Spanish traditions is the running of the bulls. This time honored tradition has been around since the 13th century and holds a lot of meaning for many of the Spanish people. Since I was in Barcelona and only a 4 hour train ride away, we decided to check it out! The running of the bulls occurs each morning, and throughout the day and night a large celebration is held. Everyone wears white with accents of red. While I had a preconceived notion of what it may look like, I was not prepared at all for the magnitude of this celebration. Fireworks and concerts went on all night, and I don’t think anyone in the city could have gotten any sleep! The next day we got in a position to watch the race (not run!) and prepared for the event! There is a huge build up of energy and nerves and then just like that people are running and bulls are too! While the event only lasts about 5 minutes, it is a nerve filled and exhilarating 5 minutes! I was so glad to have gotten to witness this interesting piece of Spanish culture.

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