Australia: Easter Break


Well, Australia continually presents me with new adventures. I was so keen to spend time with the family and get to see a new part of Australia on Easter break. I was supposed to meet my family at the airport at 9 a.m. Saturday morning of the break, but once again my plans are not always foolproof. Turns out, that after five hours in the air, my family’s airplane had to land due to something wrong with the fuel distribution system. They were delayed 24 hours landing in Sydney where I was, by myself, in this huge city.

The beginning of the day was rather stressful as I took a train and found the place we were staying with just me and my rather big suitcase. I had bad expectations on how the day would end up; however, I was too quick to judge. Close to where I was staying, there was the Hoopla festival where I enjoyed a beautiful day in Darling Harbor. I watched street performers and went to the most amazing museum! I talked to some super cool backpackers and put my feet in the harbor while writing a journal entry. That night, I was lucky enough to meet up with some friends of friends and got shown the night life of Sydney City. I ended up definitely making the most of my day until my family arrived the next morning.

I could not possibly explain all that we did that week, but I will tell the highlights. Seeing all the sights of Sydney was amazing. Especially at night where my sister, her friend, and I went to a club where it was salsa dancing night. We watched amazing dancers and sat outside the entire night admiring the Sydney opera house. After Sydney we hit the capital of Australia, Canberra, and enjoyed the city with some close friends. In one day, we woke up to see the sunrise, went to the local markets for some amazing breakfast pizza, went surfing with a few of the local boys, went to a bush dance, then finished the day with friends we had met star gazing on a roof (excuse the run on sentence). It was an amazing day, to say the least.

I have been faced a lot this semester with taking chances or doing what is comfortable. Honestly, it would have been easier to sleep in and just miss the sunrise. And later that night, it would have been easier to stay in our pajamas and make my parents happy by turning in early. But the truth is, what’s easiest is not always the best. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I am so glad we got up to watch the sunrise because it was the most amazing morning. And if we would have stayed in that night, because we didn’t feel like getting ready or even to suffice our parents, my sister and I would have missed out on meeting some amazing Aussies and seeing the most beautiful night sky. Life is all about the opportunities it presents us with. If we want to live life to its fullest… we have to take these opportunities.

~ Haley Kesterson




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