Australia: Life, Love, and Laughter


As I walked to class today, the normal 10 minute walk took significantly longer. Granted the campus is fairly small, I realize I can’t turn a corner without seeing someone I know. Stoping to make friendly conversation is good, but always causes me to be late to class. It is beginning to feel like home; it is more than half way over.

The lifestyle has most definitely rubbed off on me. I never wear shoes and need a haircut something chronic. I literally cannot remember the last time I used my straightener, as beach wavy hair is preferable to me. I wear far less make up here; girls just don’t bother with it. The beauty I am surrounded with every day makes me further contemplate the significance of natural beauty.

I can’t tell if I am in a mess or not. I have no money, but am finding the joy in living simple. It seems abnormal for there not to be sand in between my toes. So, ironically, I feel strangely dirty if my feet are completely clean; or rather I just feel like something is missing. School is a mess, but what a beautiful mess to stay up the entire night studying for an exam because you put it off to go stay a night in Surfer’s Paradise.

I never thought I would say it, but I do miss home. Last week I saw a video about Ole Miss and the highlights of this school year; I started to cry. I am deeply connected to my school and culture (I know no where else in the world has such school pride as the South Eastern Conference). My desire to be nomad may be maturing into an appreciation of close friends, family, front porches, and sweet tea.

The rough days here are only heightened by being abroad, but smooth seas never make for a skilled sailor. I think Donavon Frankenreiter says it best in one of my new favorite songs, “Life, Love & Laughter” (you should listen to the song attached).
“They say things happen for a reason, but if you don’t do them… they won’t”



~ Haley Kesterson

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