Florence: Likes and Dislikes


I cannot believe I have been in Italy for 3 weeks now. It has been a crazy experience and I love it so much! I have decided to dedicate this week’s blog to my favorite and least favorite things about being here.

If I have to be honest with myself, probably my favorite thing has been all of the dogs that are here. Literally everywhere. Most of them have clothes on too and it’s precious! Coming in at a close second is my new favorite place to eat, Eby’s, which has, in my book, the world’s best burritos. Weird, I know. Next up on the list is all the people that I have met, whether through the study abroad program or even the locals here. I have made some really great friends and we have had such an amazing time sharing this experience together. I am also loving all of the architecture here. Before I left, I figured I wouldn’t care about the buildings or art here. But being here in person passing the beautiful buildings everyday, I have gained a new appreciation for it. It really is just a gorgeous city.

As much as I love Italy, there are a couple of things that I’m not crazy about. Definitely at the top of this list is the weather. I am totally fine with the chilly weather here, but it is constantly raining or drizzling. I think I have only seen the sun twice since I have been here. I think that once the spring gets here, I will like it a lot better. Second on the dislike list is the traffic. While I don’t mind walking everywhere, the cars here are literally the scariest thing ever. I think I have almost been hit by a vehicle 12 times already! No kidding, they yield for no one. It is a challenge for me because at Ole Miss you have to yield for pedestrians, but here it is every girl for herself. I can’t imagine trying to drive here. One tiny little thing to add to the dislikes is that I have yet to find a pizza I am in love with. As a pizza fiend, I am actually heartbroken missing Pizza Hut. Hopefully I will find a substitute soon.



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