Italy: Lucca and Pisa



This weekend we decided to take a day trip to Lucca and Pisa, Italy. I can’t even express how beautiful it was! The weather was absolutely perfect the entire day. Every single one of my pictures look photoshopped. I promise I was actually there!

So we started out with a train ride from Florence to Lucca. (Side note: I have never ridden a train in my entire life!) Once we got there, we decided to rent bikes and ride around the gorgeous city. If you know me, you know how hilarious I looked trying to ride a bike. I  still can’t get over how blue the sky was and how green the grass was. It looked like the city had never seen a cloudy day. Everyone was out walking enjoying the sun. We had a great time riding around and seeing everything. We ate lunch there and of course got gelato. Really great experience in Lucca, and can’t wait to go back.


After Lucca, we took a train to Pisa. I didn’t have high expectations for Pisa, because of negative experiences I had heard about previously. It was absolutely stunning! None of my pictures even look real. It was so funny watching everyone take the cliche pictures with the leaning tower.


I would definitely love to go back to both places before the semester is over with. The best Sunday Funday ever!



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