Greece: Rethink Beauty


Thessaloniki has a lot of unconventional beauty and charm. It’s a pretty big city in Europe, so there are a lot of tall buildings really close together with relatively little green space. It’s still a beautiful city, though, and I’m definitely 100% not saying that just because I’m unapologetically biased towards it. I’ve been meaning to get out and take some pictures of the city for some time now, but I have been hoping for a sunny day. Unfortunately, I am beginning to think that day may never come. Okay, that’s sarcasm… sort of. Seriously, where’s the sun? Do you not know what country you are in, weather? Anyway, the rest of my study abroad group went to Athens this weekend, but I stayed behind since I’ve already been. I almost talked myself out of it, but I made the walk downtown and took pictures along the way. The weather wasn’t the best, but my city is still beautiful.

Timing and patience, my friends, timing and patience.
Doesn’t that just speak to you?


Of course, the city would be nothing without its graffiti.

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