South Africa: A Cultural Adventure

South Africa’s landscape changes from place to place. There are rich and affluent areas, small towns, middle to upper class areas, and there are of course, the poorer areas where the streets are made of broken concrete and housing materials are scavenged from any available resources. This area is known as the township. These townships are the typical stereotypes people think of when first hearing “Africa.” The houses are usually made of tin, very small and some have no electricity.


The people living in these townships have created a small community. I wasn’t expecting to see such a close community in an area where so much crime takes place. However, our tour guide explained that everyone here knows everyone. Walking around the township exposed me to how other people, who are not as privileged as I am, live. We were taken to a place where the normal amenities of life were luxuries to them.This tour was like no other. I had the chance to spend the evening getting to know the community as people. I even had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the women who spent time in prison while fighting for their freedom.

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As a whole, this community is a happy one. Interacting and playing with the children was my favorite part of the entire tour. The kids are joyful and carefree in spite of their circumstances.

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