Having the First Moments of Homesickness…


I knew at some point it would come. That feeling where I just want to have the familiar things around me. I really wasn’t expecting it to hit by week 3 but it has. All week I’ve been having bits of homesickness…cravings for sweet tea, wishing I could jump in my car and head to Sonic; missing my family, dogs and friends. I’ve been trying to ignore that feeling and push it aside because in reality this experience is awesome and I’m so thankful to be able to have it. But it’s still there. I found a mint tea at the grocery today and that is oddly helping.

Beside the tinge of homesickness let me share a little of the adventures from the last three weeks. Class has been okay, it’s class. I’m learning lots of French, which was the whole master plan after all. Outside of class I’m meeting lots of great people. I’m making friends from Australia, Norway, America, Switzerland, England. It’s enjoyable. The last two weekends I have ventured off and seen Paris and Venice. These next two weekends I will be staying in Cannes. I’ll be relaxing, trying to save money and rest up because I have adventures booked for every weekend till I leave. I’ll be going to Dublin, then Athens, then Rome, then Barcelona and finally Amsterdam. I have a feeling I’ll be super tired when I’m back stateside.

The two adventures I’ve done so far have been amazing. I’ve seen the top of the Eiffel tower and the making of Murano glass. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and wandered the alleys of Venice. I’ve already grown so much in confidence in myself through traveling alone and being able to make my way through these two cities. I’m so excited for the next adventures. I’ll try to get better about posting on here. I’ve been posting a little more on my personal blog, but I’ll try to post here more. Till next time Hotty Toddy from Cannes, France and bien soir 🙂

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