Na Shledanou Prague



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This morning I had to say “see you next time” to my home of four and a half months. It was heart wrenching, and needless to say I left my apartment, friends, the airport, and airport runway in tears. (It was a day to cry, okay.) I decided to study abroad to be immersed into a completely different culture than my own and to see a new way of life through culture and the local people. (And man oh man, I got to do that) Prague is so beautiful, diverse, and has so much to offer. (And it is so cheap!) It may not have certain “areas” like London or Paris, but is so lively with music and architecture. I love to travel and so that was a major plus. I traveled to 8 countries and 14 cities. I met countless people some who I liked and some I didn’t. (But that’s life) I took 4 classes, got involved with Young Life Prague, and occasionally went to an English speaking church. (Czech is a language if ya didn’t know) I found my favorite restaurants and cafes where the waiters new my name and my order. There was so much beauty and diversity in every new place that I went to on the weekends or if I stayed in town. But Prague was always where I wanted to come home to, and it was home; Prague is a place I left a small piece of my heart. Study abroad challenged the way I saw certain things, and strengthened my view of how big (and small) this world is. It amazed me that I could still run into people on the street that I knew in GIANT Prague as if I were walking the Oxford Square to Boure for dinner. I had three friends from Ole Miss personally come to see me, a sorority sister visit from Paris, my mom for spring break, a friend from UF, and two friends from church growing up all come to Prague. I grew in so many ways but my independence grew stronger. I feel more confident in people, and how to travel alone. (As I did it twice; once in Paris for two days, and in London for one) I know for absolute certain how to work a metro line. (Google Maps, what a life saver) My wanderlust is a bigger yearn than before and I can’t wait to plan the next big trip….but maybe after I save up for a while. I’m pretty outgoing to begin with, but I got even more out of my comfort zone which is good for everyone to do. I saw SO much, so “I think to myself, what a wonderful world” I got to see. Study abroad was literally the experience of a lifetime and I am so BEYOND grateful for the opportunity and opportunities it presented for me now and in the future. Now I am a ten hour plane ride home to Atlanta from Amsterdam, so HOTTY TODDY, see ya in the fall, Oxford!!

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