My Journey to Granada


Trying to figure out what country to study has been a challenge, from trading to decide between Mexico or Spain, of course, Spain won. After deciding on the program, it was time for applying for the visa. If you ever need a visa, apply to it as soon as possible, I was confused with the requirements and waited until the last minute. I almost did not make it, but once I when to the consular it when faster than I thought; everything took about 15 minutes. After this, I felt relieved, but now it was time to complete everything on my list before departing. Another reason for applying early is also to buy the plane ticket, when I first did the research it was less than $1,000 but because I did everything at the last minute my ticket was  more expensive.

After I got the airplane ticket it was time to pack, It took me some days toPacking Spain.JPG do my packing. I first took everything that I wanted to take no matter if I needed it or not. After changing my mind, again and again, I was able to pack everything that I needed.

On the day of the flight I was really excited, it was my first time traveling for more than 12 hours. I had to change three different planes. 100_1795.JPGThe best thing is that I was able to check my luggage for free in my first flight. From there on it got more difficult; Both times in Chicago and Madrid I had to run to another part of the airport because I landed minutes from boarding my next flight. On the last plane, I was able to meet other students that were in CEA. We got pick up in a big tourist bus and then drop off in the mai100_1839.JPGn part of the city of Granada. From their on we got to meet our host parents. I meet my host mom and walked about 22 to 30 minutes. After getting to know her and unpacking my roommate took me with some friends shopping. I was really tired but it seems that sleep was not for me that day, I arrive in Granada at 10 am, so I had a pretty long day. We went all over Granada, I felt like if we were walking in circles. By the time we got home my feet were killing me. Even so, I slept great.

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