Port 11 – Day 5 – Ghana


Hello from my comfy bed upon the MV World Odyssey! Today started our as another great day at City of Refuge, but we were all sad when it came time to leave this afternoon. Our morning was similar to the past few days in the sense that we got up on the early side, at some breakfast, and headed to the school. Caroline and I spent the morning getting report cards ready to be sent out. I’ve really loved organizing and putting together all of the school stuff the past few days; I really like all of that administrative and organizational work. I was put in charge of report card duty today and had fun creating the system. Around lunch time the second SAS day trip to City of Refuge joined us at the school. They had all already eaten their lunches, so I showed them what was going on and how to do report cards before I headed out to lunch. Rebecca, Jacob, and Kathleen had been painting again this morning so Caroline and I grabbed them on our way back to get some lunch with us. Rebecca was, again, in charge of the painting group, so once she got everyone into place we all headed to lunch. As we sat at lunch we were all drenched in sweat and could not have been less phased by it. It’s so strange to me that being in a constant puddle of sweat had become so normal so quickly. We all ate a pretty quick lunch and then headed back to the houses and schools, as we knew we only had a few hours left at City of Refuge. When we got back to the school they only had about an hour or so left in the school day, which gave us the perfect amount of time to finish up the report cards and be done by the time the kids got out of school. We wanted to be sure to finish by the time the kids got out of school because we wanted to have enough time to hang out and say goodbye. The kids were released from school and we played outside with them for a little bit, but before we knew it the bus was loading up and we needed to leave. When it came time to actually say goodbye sweet Rebecca was attacked by her group of 10 or so girls who didn’t want her to leave. She has consistently hung out with the group of 10 girls for the past five days and they have really taken to her, so when it came time to leave they made it very clear that they were going to miss her. That group of girls had taken the time to write her and I letters goodbye and reading them on the bus ride home gave me chills. I hung out with that group of girls quite a bit, but I spent the majority of my time hanging out with the boys or the little babies. I thought it was so sweet that they all wrote both Rebecca and I letters. After our goodbyes, or as Rebecca calls them: “see you laters”, we all reluctantly got on the bus and left. Don’t get me wrong, I was super excited to get back to the boat and carry on with our voyage, but leaving City of Refuge was not easy. The kids there are just so grateful for what little they have and showed us what true love and joy look like that it was just super amazing and humbly to be there. After we left, we were on the bus for about an hour before arriving at the ship. That hour seemed like no time at all because by the time we all got settled and done reading our letters the ship was in sight. We pulled up to the ship at 4:03, which kind of stunk because one-way traffic started at 4 o’clock. That means that once you got on the ship you couldn’t get back off. The only traffic allowed was people getting on the ship. This stunk because there were little vendors set up right outside the ship selling little souvenirs and trinkets. Rebecca and I didn’t have really any cash on us, but we figured we would pop our heads in a few of the tents and see what they had to offer. As we were walking around I just so happened to still be holding my headphones from the bus ride and as I was looking at a painting the man offered me two paintings if I traded him for my headphones. It was truly one of the strangest things I’ve ever had happen, but also one of the funniest. I left my beats at home, so the pair of headphones I had in my hands were an old pair of Apple headphones that came with my phone. I figured this exchange was good for me and made for a pretty good story, so I had him throw in a bracelet and traded my headphones for a painting and bracelet. Rebecca did the same with her old headphones, so we now are down two pairs of headphones, but have two new bracelets and two new paintings. After that exchange we figured we couldn’t do any better than that so we hopped onto the ship. We all so desperately needed an actual shower so we showered and then headed up to dinner. Tonight they surprised us with a barbeque dinner on the top deck, which was an absolutely needed and delicious change of pace. They served hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, and all the other normal barbeque essentials and it was all so delicious. We enjoyed our food on the top deck and then visited with others for a while as everyone came through the barbeque. I always like talking to people after being in country because you hear some pretty amazing stories. After our dinner and visiting we slowly socialized our way back down to our room. It is currently 10 o’clock and we are finally back in our room and getting ready for bed. We have seven days at sea until Morocco and I’m interested to see how everyone survives them. I heard that this long stretch is pretty hard, but we’ll just keep chugging along. We only have 15 more days until we are in London and become Alumni of Semester At Sea. I can’t believe all that we have done thus far and can’t wait to conquer the last port.

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