My first soccer Game …Granada


I have been in Granada a little over four months, as the time is getting closer and closer for me to go, I could not go before seen a game of soccer. I have always seen the games on TV with family but I never felt a great interest. I would watch a because someone in my family play or they like to wa100_3929.JPGtch it. All of this change when I when to see Granada play against Levante. Before I can talk about my reaction, I have to confess that when we got to the stadium my friends and I did not have a clue of where our seats were at.  We decided to stand because the game was starting and we did not want to miss anything.

As I watched the ambiance of the stadium, the emotions so close to the surface of the people around me, and the game in itself, made me feel like everything was surreal. As I watch the people became exalted or angry it magnified my own exament in seen how the game was played . Each time that Granada score or missed I was celebrating or crinching because of how close they came to score. The whole experience felt so surreal that I keep repeating in my mind that I was really here, and to my friends I could not stop saying –this is better than watching it on TV– When I saw each play and the reaction the crowd had to them it made me really feel like I  was part of the game. I could finally see why people became so passionate and the enjoyment of seen the team that you like struggle to win. At the


end of the game it felt that it when to fast, Granada won 5-1, there was no over time, and even when it was over it still felt like it was done in a flash. Overall, one needs to al leas see a game life once in their lives and experience all of the emotions that permiet a full stadium. At watching this it also makes me want to go and see the World Cup and experience all of this found emotions in a complete different level, one that is amplified by the great teams playing and the ever-present wish of having your team and country winning  and the title of the best in the world until the next World Cup…..

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