Three Months Down, Two to Go


Well its officially Fall here in Sydney. It was such a difference when I landed back in Sydney from Hong Kong compared to last time. My previous experience felt like I hit a wall of humidity and this time I was greeted with what I’m used to as the beginning of September weather! Now I’m not the biggest fan of the cold seeing as I chose to go to Ole Miss to escape the Connecticut artic winters, so the first thing I did when I got back was buy a heater (I know I’m a big baby).

It was really nice to be back in Sydney and hear about all of my friend’s trips over that past two weeks. To sum up their feedback, Bali and New Zealand were AMAZING. However I did receive some disappointing insight about Fiji from a friend. Tip for anyone who is planning on going: Don’t stay at a hostel. Apparently the main island gets its supplies through boat shipments. And one of the days an order was supposed to come, it didn’t. Now one days shipments might not seem that big of a deal, but it lead to the whole island not having any day-to-day goods, including toilet paper (yikes!). So forewarning to anyone who’s planning his or her tropical trip to Fiji, really do your research on where you’re staying!

This past week has been pretty packed with work as all of assignment due dates are getting closer and closer. After a week of getting back into our academic routine, we decided to go to the Taronga Zoo, which has been reviewed as the best in Sydney. They have an extraordinary amount of animals including those from Africa, Australia, Asian and the Oceans. I saw everything from kangaroos and koalas to the deadliest snakes in the world. You can book close encounters with Koalas and penguins at the zoo and have the chance to feed and pet them, which is really cool! They also have a couple of public shows throughout the day, like seal shows and feeding times! I’m a huge animal lover, so I absolutely loved spending my day at the zoo. The trip to the zoo is also an attraction as you can catch a ferry across the harbor, passing all of the iconic sights. So I took advantage of this photo opportunity and shot a picture of my friend Madison (also goes to Ole Miss) and I representing the Ole Miss flag in front of the Opera House!




Brush-Tailed Rock Wallaby


Taipan: One of Australia’s most venomous snakes




66379309-1a79-4f54-84cf-524b0ed1127f_zps2pwm4hnpLater that evening a group of friends and I went to the Rocks for dinner and drinks. The Rocks is a very trendy area of the city, it’s where the markets I wrote about in my previous blog are. They also have some really cool bars and clubs in the area, Argyle being my friends and my favorite. The club is designed to look very rustically modern. They always have good music and atmosphere every weekend! The rest of the weekend we spent in Marsfield, where Macquarie Uni is located, planning the upcoming weekends as my friend MK’s and my birthday is coming up in the next few weeks!



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