Argentina: Study Abroad, emphasis on “study”



Hola to all! Apologies for not writing for almost a month, but I have (at least what I think to be) a good excuse!

It’s midterm time.

Part of what I forget about study abroad is that while I have the opportunity to go on many adventures (which I will update everyone on in another post a little later), I am also here to take class and to learn.

And, just like our classes in Oxford, we are required to take “parciales” or midterm exams. Everyone’s favorite thing, right?

Megan and I have been lucky to take only three classes while here in Córdoba, and that translates to roughly 13 hours. Two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one class on Wednesdays. We did that not only to give ourselves more time to travel, explore, and get to know the city and the country, but to also give ourselves enough time to study, especially since all three of our classes require a lot of reading, which also happens to be all in Spanish.

So far we have had a parcial in each class, and another one for our Anthropology class in a couple of weeks. I have learned so much (and have passed two so far! Just waiting on my grade for my advanced Spanish class), yet I have realized how difficult it is to take an exam that requires a lot of writing in a language in which I am not yet fluent.

But, it has definitely taught me a lesson on how to study. I have had to be much more disciplined here about not getting distracted and doing all of my reading (which is why I haven’t been able to write at all in so long).

I will say, though, it has been cool to live almost like a local student. I have fallen into a routine of studying, going to school, and living as though I have lived in Córdoba for much longer than three months.

That has been one of my favorite things about my study abroad experience so far. Yes, the traveling and adventures are amazing, but so is being here long enough to really experience the local and student culture. To live in and see a city as a resident and not just as a tourist. I have learned so much in this way, and I hope that my fellow Rebels abroad can say the same!

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