Dana: Children’s Grand Park in Seoul


Unfortunately, my time in South Korea is gradually coming to an end. It is now my last week in Korea. It is for this reason that I must do everything I can within my power to enjoy every last moment before I return home. This past weekend, my roommate and I visited the Children’s Grand Park. At first glace, it appears to be your normal, everyday, nice-place-to-take-a-walk kind of park; however, although it is a great place to get some fresh air, there is much more to it. First of all, not only are there special performances scheduled to entertain the children, there is also an amusement park with thrilling rides. Although we did not visit that portion due to time constraints, what we did get to do was impressive enough for me.

It turns out, that the Children’s Grand Park features a zoo…a FREE zoo. I, personally, had never been to a zoo, before, even though I’ve had plenty of opportunities in the past. The park featured all kinds of animals from sea lions and penguins, to baboons and elephants.

The park also featured an area dedicated entirely to plants. Upon entering the greenhouse, I felt as if I had stumbled into a rain forest. There were trees of astonishing heights of which I had to strain my neck just to catch a glimpse of the top. There were also an array of Asian plants that I had only seen in movies or text books.

I’m very glad that my first ever trip to the zoo happened to be in Seoul, South Korea. I’m not so sure that I could have experienced anything remotely similar to this free of charge, anywhere near my hometown. Visiting the Children’s Grand Park only made it that much more clear that I’m definitely going to miss South Korea and everything about it.

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