Top Places to Visit in Paris


Paris is a city with several nicknames. “The City of Love,” “The City of Lights” are just two popular ones. With being one of the top cities to visit in Europe along with all the sights to see, planning a trip to Paris can quickly become overwhelming.

Recently, I visited Paris and stayed for less than 48 hours. In that amount of time I was not able to see everything, but still enjoyed some important sites and experienced a bit of Parisian culture along the way. Here’s what you should see with a limited amount of time in Paris and how to get the most of out of your trip.

#1 The Louvre

While you can easily spend an entire day in this impressive, world-renowned art gallery, it is possible to see a good chunk of the museum in a couple hours. I recommend going at night to see the glass pyramids lit up and to avoid the crowds. Notable art in the Louvre includes The Mona Lisa, Hammurabi’s Code, Liberty Leading the People and hundreds of more works by the most famous artists in the world.

Pro tip: Every Friday after 6 p.m. admission is free to those under 26 years old. This is a great way to save some money in an expensive city! You can find all the information about hours and prices here.

#2 Musée d’Orsay

If you love art galleries and museums, then Paris is going to be a dream to you. Musee d’Orsay is smaller than the Louvre, but still features an impressive collection of prominent artists. This museum is less crowded and can be done in 2-3 hours time. My favorite feature in this museum was the massive clock that doubles as a window offering an amazing view of the city.

Pro tip: If you are a student studying abroad in an EU country, your admission is free. Just make sure you have your Visa or some sort of document saying you are staying in that EU country for an extended amount of time! Click here to see if you are eligible for additional discounts to the museum.


#3 Eiffel Tower

I think this landmark goes without saying. I have to say, all the hype is real with this one. It is breathtaking to stand in front of such a well-known symbol of Paris. At night, you can see the light from the top spinning across the entire city.


#4 Notre Dame-de Paris

This ancient cathedral in Paris is a must see. Admission is free and it is easy to navigate around the inside. On the inside, you will find memorials and offerings to notable Cardinals, Archbishops, and Saints. The Gothic architecture is both inside and out is breathtaking.

#5 Parisian Brunch

I highly recommend trying some French cuisine while in Paris. My favorite meal was definitely brunch. We found this cute little spot right across the street from Notre Dame. We were served orange juice, crepes, croissants, toast, and hot chocolate. Also, pop into a macaroon shop, such as the world-famous Ladurée, and try the traditional Parisian sweet.


Paris is a huge city and the places are spread out. To get around I recommend using the metro (which is easy to navigate) and buying a 10 use pass. These tickets are inexpensive and will get you to all the sites quickly.

While it may not be possible to do to all of Paris in two days, it is possible to see the highlights and experience some of the culture. Don’t rush through the city just to try and see every feature. My biggest tip would be to find a couple sites that really interest you and go to those. Then spend some time soaking up the city by walking through the streets and enjoying the views along the Seine. If you didn’t get to see everything, no worries, just plan another trip back!

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