24 hours in Prague


Prague is a beautiful, medieval city located in the Czech Republic. This city is one of a kind compared to other European cities I have visited. Walking through Prague felt like I was walking through an old fairytale city. Cheesy, but true.

While the city is large and somewhat spread out, it is possible to see many main sites in a short period of time. I was there for less than 24 hours and felt like I had experienced much that the city had to offer. In this post, I will be going over a couple things to do with 24 hours in Prague!

1. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most well-known sites in Prague. The bridge is named after the ruler Charles IV and provides stunning views of Prague and the Vltava River. Charles Bridge is usually pretty crowded, but luckily it does not take much time to see.

2. Old Town Hall Tower

This might have been my favorite site in Prague. Buy a ticket and head up The Old Town Hall Tower that overlooks the Old Town Square. The views from the top are one of a kind and overlook the entire city of Prague as well as a bit of the countryside. Click here to get the hours and admission prices.

3. Old Town Square

Old Town Square in Prague was my favorite out of all the “old towns” I have seen so far in Europe. This is an energetic area filled with shops and restaurants. If you are looking for a cheap lunch, the vendors that they have around the square are yummy and affordable. Also, while in the square, make sure you try the traditional Czech sweet, trdelnik.



4. Prague Castle

Going along with the fairytale theme Prague gave me, Prague Castle is a must see. The complex and grounds of the castle are extensive and beautiful. There are several different ticket options you can purchase, so choose the package that interests you the most.

5. Eat at a medieval tavern

I can not recommend U Krale Brabantskeho enough for a meal. Lunch or dinner here will not disappoint! It is a medieval tavern that has been open daily since 1375. Just entering the tavern feels like you are stepping back in time. The food is equally as good as the atmosphere. It is located in the same area as the Prague Castle so these two places can go hand in hand. Click here to get more information about the restaurant.

6. Free walking tour

While technically, this is not a site, I highly recommend doing a free walking tour. Prague has a few but this is the one we did. These tours are helpful because you get to see sites that are not as well known while also learning history about the city of Prague. While the tour is free, make sure to tip at the end if your tour guide did a great job!

There are many more things to do in Prague. I just mentioned some of the highlights that I enjoyed most with my short time in Prague. While it would be great to have a couple days in this beautiful city, it is certainly possible to see much of the city in a short amount of time. If you get the opportunity to go to Prague, take it! You will not regret your visit, no matter how short or long.


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