Pasta, and Wine, and Bread! Oh my!


Okay y’all. I am absolutely obsessed with Florence so far. The culture, the scenery, the nightlife, the people, and the FOOD. The food is so serious. This blog post is about food if you did not guess already. So here is a PSA: Do not read this if you are hungry! Graphic images may disturb those who missed lunch. Anyway, welcome to Florence, Italy via my stomach. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

On June 23rd, I stepped into and the out of a plane, onto and out of a train, into and out of a car, and THEN I, almost aimlessly, drug my luggage down miles of cobblestone streets all to finally hobble up four flights of stairs to my cozy little apartment on Via dei Macci. It was not until I unpacked piles upon piles of clothes and shoes that I realized I was really and viciously hungry. So I rallied the troops and we galloped back down the (four) stairs and into the streets. Let me just say this: it was not at all hard to find a place to eat. I mean, Florence is the cuisine mecca. Whatever you want is whatever you find. However, we were so blindly hungry that we just followed the first scent that our noses picked up… which happened to be right at the end of our quaint little street. This sounds like a fairytale right? Wrong. We ran to the hostess and basically drooled on her, only to be turned down. Reservations only 🙁 SO, we turn our heads to the right: nothing. We turn our heads to left: Gilda. It appeared to be a restaurant and it seemed promising, so naturally we sprinted there. This place is authentic. Let me reiterate: this place is authentic. No hablo ingles is the biggest understatement, but we managed to communicate with the sweet little old lady and she brought us some amazing, and ridiculously fresh dishes. First she brought the bread baskets… my personal favorite. And you have not lived until you have soaked fresh bread in the most divine olive oil and balsamic vinegar like, I don’t know, ever!? Then I had this spinach appetizer and LORD. Maybe you aren’t a spinach fan, but I might as well be Popeye. I seriously think they had picked it from the ground that very day. THEN she brought my pasta and it was so decadent and flavorful that I don’t even remember eating it. No lie. This is the kind of first meal/first impression that you want to have. Don’t be those people who just grab something at the train station because you are “too tired.” Get over it and get to Gilda (I will post addresses at the bottom).

Sorry for the rambling!! For the rest of this blog I am just going to post food pictures and my favorite restaurant names/locations because I am tired and too full from dinner. Classic.


Ristorante Gilda Bistro. Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti 41

The spinach was round one. Actually it was the bread? Okay, just ignore the text…


Cibréo Ristorante. Via Andrea del Verrocchio 5R

This is the place that denied us the first night because we did not have a reservation… long story short, we eventually made a reservation.


Osteria Del Caffè Italiano. Via dell’Isolata delle Stinche 6R

This Osteria, which translate to “pub,” was a perfect lunch place. I cannot remember what the wine was called, but it is my favorite white maybe, ever.


Nevodi. Via Giusseppe Garibaldi 1788, 30122 Venice, Italy

We went to this place twice during our weekend trip to Venice… two nights in a row. That is how amazing it was.

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