Week 4: Mistakes, Beaches, and Dance-offs


Well. It’s all over now.  I left Dublin, Ireland and arrived home to the Mississippi humidity last night.  My last week in Ireland was the best week. I was finally used to the ways of the country, and my time for opportunity was running out.

This past weekend my group of friends planned on going to Wicklow National Park, but we got off the train at the wrong stop.  Turns out the town of Wicklow is not where one goes to get to Wicklow National Park.  Our mistake was a major bummer at first, but it was for the best.  We walked to a colorful, rocky beach accompanied by some tall, beautiful cliffs.  We bought some snacks, had a picnic, and played some hacky sack in the salty, ocean breeze.  It was a great mistake.

The next day we took the train to Howth which was only thirty minutes from Dublin.  It had a giant, expansive beach, and the water was cold but refreshing.  We ate lunch in a lively marketplace, and, to our surprise, we found some trails to hike around the edge of the town.

When we took the train back to Dublin, we sat by some kids in high school who were kind of making fun of us.  Then they started playing disco music from the loudest portable speaker I have ever heard.  All of a sudden, I found myself in a dance-off with their head honcho.  Then, everybody jumped in, and we had a dance party—on the train.  It was amazing to say the least, and a great end to our adventures in Ireland.  The whole time I kept thinking, ‘I wish I could stay in this moment forever.’

I have been so blessed to see the places I’ve seen and do the things I’ve done and meet the people I’ve met.  At this point, I don’t have any advice except to just do it.  Study abroad.  Go somewhere while you are young.  There is no better time than right now because this kind of experience will change you forever.IMG_9790.JPGIMG_9708.JPGIMG_9678.JPG

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