Morocco: Learn From My Packing Mistakes


Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way I packed for Morocco. All of the essentials made it in the bag, and—by some miracle—my suitcase wasn’t overweight! Next time around though, there some things I would change.

Here’s what I regret most about the way I packed for my eight weeks in Morocco:

Not Packing a Portable Charger

I own one of these things and just forgot to pack it. It would have been a game-changer for seven-hour train rides and long days when I have my phone out taking lots of pictures. My friends who brought theirs seem to get a lot of use out of them.

I love my portable charger from Anker!

Not Packing Enough Sweaters

Even though this seems so silly now that it’s 93 degrees here every day, a month and a half ago the weather was rather chilly and I wanted a sweater I could throw on and wear with anything. I brought two grandma-esque Old Navy cardigans that have saved me time and time again, but another, more versatile option would have been useful.

old navy sweater
the sweater I’ve been wearing far too much

Not Packing Clothes I Actually Want to Wear

If I were to describe my style over that past six weeks, I would have to scream AMERICAN TOURIST or say “mom who loves Old Navy.” On one hand I’m so happy I brought as many linen pants as I did. On the other hand, some days I just want to feel like myself and wear a short-sleeved shirt I like (maybe with a sweater on the walk to school), but instead I have to wear yet another baggy long-sleeved shirt I would never wear at home.

My advice: Pack culturally sensitive clothing, but also pack clothes that will make you feel good. I know that I could have been fashionable and still wear modest clothing because the Moroccan girls do it really well every day!

the sort of sweater I wish I had brought

Not Packing My Favorite School Supplies

When I take notes and study, I like to use colored pens and highlighters and my favorite black pen and lots of paper. I only packed the basics, but I wish I had brought some lined scratch paper and my colored pens for sure, and maybe some index cards.

Packing Things I Could’ve Bought Here

I made the mistake of really overdoing it on toiletries that I could have bought for less here. If I had done my research, I would have seen that my city has two huge Kroger-like grocery stores that carry all of my favorite brands of toothpaste and shampoo and such. I wish I would have saved that money and suitcase weight by bringing travel-sized toiletries to use until I made it to the Carrefour store.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.57.49 PM
Carrefour is just like Kroger!

Not Packing Enough Casual Clothes

After a half-hour walk home in the Moroccan sun, I just want to come home, throw on a t-shirt and shorts, and cool down. Unfortunately, I foolishly packed only one t-shirt and one pair of running shorts because I thought that the more conservative culture here would make them unnecessary. Next time I’ll pack three sets of comfy clothes so that even if one set got sweaty at the gym and one set got sandy at the beach, I could still relax in comfort.


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