Austria: “Alles Klar Herr Kommissar?” – Nightlife in Klagenfurt


Klagenfurt is a rather small city, but there is plenty to do on the weekends!  From bars, clubs, pubs to Cat Cafes and museums: you’ll always find something to do!  Here, I’ll talk about what the nightlife in Klagenfurt has to offer!


ESN and the student union are CONSTANTLY having parties and events.  Like their respective pages on Facebook and you will get constant updates on what’s going on and what the next events are.  They also have a very prominent presence on campus and will usually have posters up.

Dorm parties are also very common. There’s a bar actually located in Nautilusweg that they open periodically for parties.  There’s also a beer vending machine, which is just so awesome. Each floor has several kitchens and sometimes parties are thrown in these kitchens.


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This bar/club is completely done in a pink fuzzy theme.  Yea you read right.  They play great music and the drinks aren’t terribly expensive.  It’s also near a kebab place that stays open until 4am sometimes, so that’s always good.


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This bar is located adjacent to Die Burg and has SUPER cheap drinks. On Wednesday nights they have €1 shots, so it’s a great place to pregame.  The scene is a little…. young here because the drinking age is 16 so most people don’t actually party here.  This is a great place to pregame, however.


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This club is my personal favorite.  It’s pretty big, plays good music, and the drinks aren’t too expensive.  They are constantly having events and host DJs from all over Europe.   The atmosphere is pretty great and it is located right near the Lindwurm and the city center.  There is also a food stand nearby that stays open pretty late that offers everything from currywurst to hamburgers.



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