Austria: Who Are You and Why Are You Here? – Getting Your Visa


Since my little feux pas in Frankfurt, I was so relieved to find out that the ESN program at AAU offered a visa trip for North American students attending the University of Graz as well as AAU.  In total the trip was 90 euro which included the bus trip to Ljubjlna, Slovenia, a trip to Trieste, Italy as well as a hostel for a night and a Pizza Party there, then the trip back to Lub to pick up our visas, and a stay in a hostel for a night in Ljubljana.

In Frankfurt I got stopped for not having a student visa… but they ended up letting me go.  I lost a few years off my life from the stress and was relieved when they “let me go.”  So if you don’t have the ability to go alllllll the way to DC to get your visa, don’t tell the border control in your layover countries that you’re going to Austria to study… tell them you’re visiting … but you didn’t hear that from me…

Anyway so the ESN program here in Klagenfurt teams up with the one in Graz to take us on a quick trip to get our visas in Slovenia with a stopover in a beautiful city in Italy.

First we went to Ljubljana to get our visas.  It’s €100 and you have to wait a day.  After we got that taken care of we went to Trieste, Italy.  It’s a gorgeous little city on the Mediterranean.  We stayed in a hostel near a beautiful castle and got a great pizza party that night.  The next day we headed back to Ljubljana to pick up our passports, checked into our hostel in the city center, and then went on the absolute coolest pub crawl I’ve ever been on.

So, if you need a visa, this trip is cheap and totally worth it!

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  1. kmhowitt says:

    Why’d you get a visa in Slovenia and not Austria?

    1. Zeig mir die Welt says:

      Because Klagenfurt (the city I’m studying in) is closer to Ljubljana than it is to Vienna. Ljubljana is about 1.5 hours away, while Vienna is almost 4 hours away.

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