England: April_Log #2


As with many long trips, there are times when I yearn to be in my home and see my parents, pets, and siblings each day. Though I am happy to be in Leeds and have grown comfortable with the lifestyle here, I always remember to make a call to my family every now and then.

Video calling my cat.


I must say, I am proud of myself for not starving or ordering too much food. I have been successful in cooking my own food and also exercising daily. This whole month I decided to focus more on my mental and physical wellbeing because I realize that every human must be at peace with him or herself before moving on completely.

My recipes are very simple, but they are delicious to me. Most of my meals consist of chicken, noodles, egg, potatoes (my parents would be proud) and toast. I have also grown to love this fruit and mango smoothie that is £3. It is definitely one of my favorite spring/summer drinks. As for laundry, in Oxley, there is no cost to wash or dry your clothes. I consider this a huge blessing.


An exciting thing that happened this month is that I went to the Shawn Mendes concert in Leeds with my friend! It was a bigger venue and very organized compared to the last concert I went to. I was very surprised. The inside was very pretty and I enjoyed listening to all the songs. I usually don’t attend big concerts like this in the U.S., mainly because of my location. But since the venue was so close and the tickets were reasonably priced, I thought, “Why not?” And I am glad I made that choice because it was amazing.

A week ago, I visited a nearby cafe with one of my flatmates. It is a tiny cafe, but really popular. The weather was perfect to go out. We sat inside and ordered a drink and a slice of cake. I ordered a spiced pumpkin cake which was very good. My favorite thing was the drink. It was an avocado smoothie with apple and other fruits added. I drank it all and hope to go back to try more of what they have on their menu!

I almost forgot to mention the rugby game my friends and I attended! I have never watched rugby nor do I know any of the rules of the sport, but I decided to see how it was. The day was nice and the location they were playing at was near where I live. We walked to the stadium and were surprised to see so many people. We had to squeeze into different rows to find a spot to stand and watch the game. Our team was called the Leeds Rhinos. The whole game was full of cheering and screaming and chanting. I loved it. It was a new experience for me.

Wrapping up a wonderful time…

The end of our nice long break is coming soon. This Easter weekend my friends came to visit me and on Sunday we went to church. Small actions like these are those that brighten my days up. Being around people you love and having a good time is nice when you are far from home.

p.s. The new Avengers movie is coming out soon and I am excited to watch it! So here is a picture of my friend disappearing like they did in the last movie.

“We’re in the Endgame now”

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