England: April_Log #1


This month seemed pretty long, but also short. For the majority of April, we did not have any classes due to Easter Break. During this time, I was able to enjoy some time to relax, explore Leeds, and travel to London! One of the most exciting things is that spring finally came and I was able to put away my thick sweaters.


This is something that I did not take into consideration when coming to England. One reason is that I took Mississippi weather and daily daylight times for granted. It IS true that during the winter the sun rarely comes out and because of that, I was craving tangerines and oranges when I came here. This is so common that they advise students to take Vitamin D pills to not get sick or feel gloomy.

It has been cold since January here, with temperatures hardly going above the 50s. It was not until this Easter weekend that the temperature reached the high 70s. To celebrate the warm weather, I went to a park near my dorm. There were many couples, families, kids, and people with their pet dogs. Another highlight of the warm weather is that many colorful flowers begin to bloom!


Temperature: COLD

April marked the first time I went down to visit the city of London with two of my best friends! As you can imagine, it is very different from life in Oxford. There are more buses, taxis, and live performances all around. I enjoyed riding on the subway and walking around the city. The apartments and houses are usually built side by side and they can be colorful. My friends and I walked around and saw Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Big Ben, which is still under construction.  

On our way to the bus station, we passed by the famous Platform 9 ¾ from the Harry Potter movies. It was so full that we only had time to stop by the gift shop and look around. We could barely walk through the shop. I was amazed at the popularity of Harry Potter and I hope to go back and visit the actual Platform 9 ¾ on my next trip.

On the 2nd day of our 3-day trip to London, I went with one of my friends to a concert. It was such an amazing day filled with great music, much waiting, and lots of talking with other fans. The staff were very nice and though it was hectic at times, everyone was able to enjoy a safe time during the concert.

On the last day of our trip, we visited Camden Market! One of the first things I bought was freshly squeezed orange juice. It reminded me of the fresh juice my family buys from Sam’s. It was so delicious and refreshing, perfect to start the day.

As we walked down the streets, we noticed that there was so much art on the walls, both in 2D and 3D. We also saw this dessert shop that we could not resist buying from. The dessert was like a bubbly waffle that came with ice cream, chocolate, fruits and other toppings. The one I ordered included chocolate and fruits.

–To be continued–

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