England: May Days #1


We are now halfway through May and the weather has somewhat warmed up. There are very chilly days and the casual “great day for a picnic” days as well. UK weather is something that I do not think I will ever be able to get used to, but it has also helped me appreciate sunny and warm days more. Since I walk to the store, the park and around the university all the time, I notice more things around me. It might sound cheesy, but stopping to take a good look at the flowers and at the beautiful sky is something that I enjoy each day.

In the last blog, I mentioned that I was going to watch Endgame with my friends and it was amazing! My friend and I bought a snack set and happily watched the whole thing. I don’t know if they have it in Oxford, but the set I bought included popcorn, a kit-kat bar, and a slushie which was delicious!

As for my courses, we recently had a small festival for our food and alcohol class. The project consisted of various groups getting together and planning to make a unique beer. My group tried to create a summery beer with a fruity taste. While it did not exactly taste as we planned, working on it was an experience in itself. We got to learn how to brew beer and also bottle our own beer. The festival that took place was to showcase the other groups’ beers. This is one of the most interesting classes I have taken and I am glad I decided to take it.

An update on my dorm life with flatmates:

I have gotten closer to the people that live here. One of my flatmates invited us to celebrate her birthday with a cake and hanging out and talking with them was so fun. After the short gathering, I played a card game called Irish Snap with some of them and it was really exciting. I also learned about more foods that I should try while I’m here. Maybe my next blog will be about food!

Final exams are in about 2 weeks for me, so I have been trying to study really hard for them. The exam formats are very different here. For example, I have an exam that is multiple choice but there are only 15 questions and then there is another one with 3 parts to it, including an essay!

So, before going into study mode, I went with my friend to London for a concert. We decided to make this a one-day trip and I am not sure if that was a great idea or not because we were both very tired afterwards. Nevertheless, it was an amazing show and it was a great destresser for me. I laughed and cheered and had so much fun that night.

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