England: Final Exams


Hello! This week marks the start of finals here at Leeds! After finishing classes, we had a week off, and now, we have our finals. However, it is not just this week that we have finals. We have three whole weeks of finals! We basically have a month of finals instead of a week of finals like at Ole Miss.

I went to a concert with my friend before the month of finals!

I am not exactly sure why finals last this long here. It seems so crazy to have three weeks of finals because we don’t have many finals. I only have three finals to take, and some people even have just one final to take! Finals week can be really stressful because you have to study for many different finals that all take place in just one week, but in Leeds, I will only have one final a week for the next three weeks. It seems better because I have 3x the amount of time to study, but it also means I have 3x the amount of time to stress and worry about finals.

Many people study at this library on campus!

I have yet to take my finals, but I would imagine the finals here will be similar to the ones at Ole Miss. For example, one of my finals will be multiple choice, and another final will be an in-class essay. However, the difference between finals here and at Ole Miss is that the finals count for a lot more of your final grade. This is because there are not many assessments throughout the year, and none of my classes give any credit for participation or homework. Most of my classes only have two assessments, and some classes only have a final exam, making the final exam count for 100% of your grade.

This is a popular coffee shop which is attached to our library on campus!

Because I have so much time in between finals, I thought studying would be easier, but this is not necessarily true because with copious amounts of time to study, I have been more relaxed by spending days not studying at all instead of studying a little each day like I should. I have learned that time management and self discipline are very important skills to have when studying at Leeds, and because most of the work here is independent study, I have had a lot of practice using these skills. I recommend making a study schedule while abroad (and at Ole Miss!) that allows for a combination of study and free time and that also has daily goals that you need to achieve because if I don’t set goals, my studying tends to be less productive.

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