England: Packing!!


Hello! I now only have one more final left to take, and then, in a few weeks I will officially be leaving Leeds! I feel like I have been in Leeds for a long time, but now that it is almost time to leave, it feels like it is ending so soon! Even though I will not leave Leeds for another few weeks, I have started packing because I need to send some things home before I travel after finals (which I will write about in a future post!) and eventually go to South Korea for a summer study abroad program! So, for this blog post, I will write about packing tips for going abroad and also coming home!

Packing cubes are useful for keeping your luggage organized! (even though it is not very organized in this picture lol)

1.Pack Layers!

I brought a really thick coat because I figured it would be really cold since I was coming to England in January. I only wore that coat the first day I was in England and then never again! That coat takes up so much space in my suitcase, so I really regret bringing it! It was cold in Leeds, but it was not that bad. I recommend just bringing layers like sweaters, cardigans, light jackets, or whatever coat you use in Mississippi, and then, if it is too cold you can just add more layers to stay warm.

P.S. it is already May, but sometimes I still wear a light jacket (something I would never do in Mississippi) because it can still be chilly here, so I would not worry about bringing a lot of summer clothing (if you are coming for the spring semester)!

I roll my pants because I like to think it saves space haha!

2. Don’t pack rain boots!

People say that it rains all the time in England, but at least in Leeds, it does not rain that much. I don’t think it rains any more here than it does in Mississippi. Actually, it might even rain less here! And, most of the time when it rains here, it only drizzles, so rain boots are not really necessary. If you have shoes that are made of leather or something that is more waterproof, I would bring those, but I would not pack rain boots because they weigh down your luggage and will not be used much! (I would pack a rain coat, though!)

3. Bring a towel and travel toiletries!

I travelled many hours on a plane and then on a bus to get to Leeds, so whenever I got to my dorm at the university, all I wanted to do was take a shower, but I forgot to pack a towel! I had travel toiletries but no towel, so ended up just using clothes to dry off haha, but it was inconvenient!

4. Use a service to send baggage home! (I’m using Tudor!)

Many people end up traveling after their semester abroad is over before going home. However, it is annoying to travel with a lot of luggage, so people pay to send some of their luggage back home with luggage shipping services! Even if you do not travel after the semester is over, you may need to buy extra luggage to fit all of the things you got abroad. Instead of having to deal with more luggage at the airport and paying a fee for extra luggage on the plane, you can send it home ahead of you!

Putting stickers on your luggage is a good way to make your otherwise plain luggage more noticeable to pick it up at the airport!

Thank you for reading!!


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