England: The Amazing Month of June I


In the beginning of June, I visited London one last time, but for a solo trip! I booked an airbnb, a bus ticket, and went on my way. I stayed for a whole weekend to go see a concert at Wembley Stadium, originally a football stadium which can fit up to 90,000 people. The group I went to see is none other than the worldwide famous BTS. I was super excited to finally see them live.


The morning of the concert, I woke up at 5 am to line up for merchandise at the venue. The merchandise that is sold is so popular that by 11 am most of the items are sold out, so I went early to make sure I bought what I needed. After buying some merch, I met up with a fan who came from Germany to see BTS. We walked around the venue to take pictures because the staff had decorated everything so well. It was so fun to see so many fans there. Since we had time before the concert, we visited central London to eat Korean shaved ice to fight off the hot weather that day.

When it came time for the concert, I was very excited. All the fans cheered loudly and the members performed so well! I was amazed. It made me so happy to see them enjoying themselves on stage and I was so proud of how far they have come.

Near the end of the concert, we did our part and gave BTS a small surprise by singing a song for them

This is an excerpt of the lyrics:

Forever we are young

Under the flower petals raining down

I run, so lost in this maze

Forever we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I endlessly run toward my dream

Forever ever ever ever

(Dreams, hopes, forward, forward)

Forever we are young

When we sang this, they seemed very surprised and very touched. I am glad that we could make beautiful memories like this in London.

On the last day, I woke up early once again, but this time to line up for the BTS pop-up shop. The first 200 people were given a free bag and a cool bracelet. I met up with the same friend from Germany and we happily walked around the store and looked at what items were offered. The staff were so nice and energetic. They greeted us by lining up and cheering for some reason haha. I loved it. There was also a giant ultra HD screen playing BTS music videos which we stood by and sang along with. I was really happy to be surrounded by other fans. After that, we went to a Korean restaurant where I ordered a mixture of ramen and tteokbokki.

I can confidently say that I know my way around London better and I always laugh when I think about myself 6 months ago, lost and confused. I am going to miss my visits to London, but I am grateful for being able to do so freely until now.

—– Always remember to love yourself —–

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