Trip to Malta!!


After finals, my friend and I traveled to Malta! Malta is beautiful country made up of a group of islands under Sicily. We only stayed in Malta for a short time, but it was great! The first day we were there, we explored the capital city, Valletta. Valletta has a lot of tourist shops, a great view of the sea, and many events like car shows or film festivals.

Car show in Valletta!

The next day, we went to the Blue Grotto which was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We went on a boat tour of the rock formations and caves around the island for only €8! The water was so clear! You could see jellyfish and schools of fish in the water as we traveled around the rock formations. It was unreal and so beautiful!

After that we went to Mdina which was the capital city during medieval times. The building were really pretty and truly made me feel as if I was in a different world/different time period.


On our last day, we went to St. Julian’s and Sliema which overlook the sea. Honestly the view of the sea and the smell of the ocean is probably one of my favorite things about Malta.

There was also a cat village in St. Julian’s which was a sort of small, outside cat sanctuary for cats without homes. The cats were adorable, and since I love cats, visiting the cat village was an amazing experience!

We also saw Aladdin in Malta because the cinema was super close to where we were staying and why not lol? The movie was amazing, but the experience was strange! They had a commercial break in the middle of the movie! The movie legit stopped randomly and commercials played for a bit before it randomly started back up!

Beautiful views of the sea are all around Malta!

Overall, I loved the trip to Malta and would definitely recommend people to go because it is a beautiful place!

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