England: The Amazing Month of June II


As my time in England was ending, I spent time with friends that I would miss when I left. I also went to the sister store of the bakery I loved, called Bakery 164. (Well, it’s more of a cafe that serves delicious sandwiches.) As I walked through the city streets, I took pictures of the beautiful skies I would miss.

One last getaway

For my last getaway, before having to face all my responsibilities back at home, I went to Malta with my best friend! We were there for about three days and it was the best thing ever.

The reason I chose Malta as my last trip in Europe was because compared to all the popular locations like Rome, Paris, or Spain, this was a lesser known place that neither of my close friends or family knew about. I wanted to explore this new place and learn more about it. Here it is on a map! It is an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Although I had not learned any Maltese, the people that live there speak English as well, so we had no trouble asking for directions or communicating with others.

One of my favorite places was the rooftop of the Airbnb we stayed in. For breakfast, my friend and I would take some fruits and toast with jam and enjoyed them as we looked over the city. It was perfect, a moment I will always treasure.


As for transportation, when we were planning our trip, we thought that we would be able to go anywhere by bus. That was true, but what we didn’t consider much were the times that the buses arrived at stops. Buses can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to arrive and can come earlier or later than expected. It was important for us to plan out our trips beforehand, especially since we relied only on wifi to travel around. From our experience, Google Maps and the app that was recommended to us did not work. We used this link to plan our trips instead. It gives you bus route information and the schedules. https://www.publictransport.com.mt/en/routes-timetables


One of the things I remember most is a delicious dessert I tried at the mall! It was a Kinder chocolate shake served in a jar and decorated prettily. I decided to treat myself and drank as much as I could. It was so refreshing and tasted like heaven.

Cat Village

When we visited St. Julian, we stopped by the Cat Village, which is a small corner dedicated to stray cats where people can donate toys or supplies to them. There was one very friendly cat that greeted us and showed us around.

On our second full day in Malta, we visited the Blue Grotto. It was gorgeous! The water was so clear that you could see the bottom of the sea at times. We rode on a boat with a few other visitors. As we rode around the different caves we could see birds, fishes, and jellyfishes around there. The day was perfect and I enjoyed every second of it.

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