My Trip to Mykonos!!


I knew that if I were to ever go to Italy, I would also have to make a stop in Greece. For our last weekend abroad, my roommates and I decided to travel to Greece. We chose Mykonos- a beautiful island located in the Cyclades group.

I arrived in Greece at 5 am. You’re probably thinking what is there to do at 5 am? Lay on the beach of course and watch the sunrise. This was a great way to begin the exciting weekend that was to come.

Later that day we spent the whole afternoon laying out and enjoying the Aegean sea. It was cold! But, it felt great! The water was so clear and surprisingly there was not much sea life except for sea urchins. That evening, we enjoyed a dinner on the beach where we got to try the famous greek liquor Ouzo. It’s a greek tradition to have a shot after dinner and is free!

On Saturday we headed in to town to do shopping. The picturesque town is exactly what I envisioned when I dreamed about coming to Greece. Every building is white with blue shutters and decoration. We tried gyros for lunch which apparently come with french fries on them (AMAZING) and the Tzatziki was to die for. After lots of shopping, we saw the infamous windmills and decided to rent ATVs (one of the few forms of transportation on the island)!

Riding the ATVs around the island and stopping at different beaches has been one of my favorite parts of studying abroad. As I rode on the ATV, I took in my surroundings and realized how grateful I was for this whole experience. When I am ever going to get to ride an ATV in Mykonos again- probably never! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to travel and if you ever get the chance I definitely recommend stopping in Mykonos. Not only is it beautiful, but it has so much to offer with amazing beaches, shopping, and food! OPA!

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