SUMMER IN SALERNO: Vietri, a hidden gem on the Amalfi Coast

It’s a double post kinda day! After having a super long day today, I’ve really enjoyed just sitting down and reflecting on the beauty that is constantly surrounding me. I’ve found that the time I get to spend writing about my travels has helped me to gain a greater appreciation for the opportunities this study abroad program has given me! I know I’m only about 2.5 weeks into the swing of things here, but I’ve decided that it’s time to share one of my surprising favorite places!

Scenic overlook from the heart of Vietri

Welcome to Vietri, a coastal village only a scenic 30 minute walk from Salerno. While the trip is beautiful, be prepared for an entirely uphill hike that’ll certainly have you getting your steps in for the day. With less than 8,000 people inhabiting this village, you can really get a sense of the way of life here. Time runs slower, people are friendlier, and did I mention that it’s one of the ceramic capitals of Italy? This village is dotted with ceramic shops, and you can truly feel it breathing with creativity. Everywhere you look is influenced by the lively cheer of this ocean front town, and I can assure you you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in terms of special, yet unique souvenirs. Don’t be fooled though, Vietri is definitely not a touristic getaway. The second you step into this little village, you’ll immediately feel the quaint essence of this picturesque place known as the “gateway to the Amalfi Coast”.

It may be small, but don’t count out this little village. With other transportation options ranging from bus to ferry, do take the time to discover this hidden gem. It’s not always the most obvious things that have the ability to thrill us, and Vietri was just the reminder I needed to slow things down and appreciate the world around me. Take in the air, let your hair down, and buy some ceramics!

Deep blue water of the Amalfi Coast

Ciao a tutti!


P.S. I am sitting here writing this as fireworks are going off from the mountain behind me, and I am reminded that everyday I get to spend here truly is a celebration!

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