SUMMER IN SALERNO: day trip to Capri!

I’m sure you’ve seen this picture plastered all over every travel blogger’s instagram and on any travel pamphlet ever, but did you know that this amazing rock formation is only a quick ferry ride from Salerno located off the island of Capri? Named ‘Faraglioni’, these 3 incredible rocks are truly a sight to see and there’s no better way than on a sea boat tour of the island. I’ll be honest, of course I had seen the famous pictures of this place and it’s always been somewhere I would’ve liked to go, but I had no idea that they were located in Capri, nor did I expect to actually experience them while here in Italy. While Capri will have you coughing up a few more Euros than other excursions, I can assure you first hand that this trip is worth every penny!

So, after taking a little over 2 hour ferry ride over to Capri from Salerno, we were greeted by a lively town, breathing with excitement. Out of all the places I’ve been so far, I would consider this one to have been the most “touristy”, but it was in fact refreshing to be able to experience the “hustle and bustle” of travelers from all of the world converging at the same place at the same time! After the craziness of this past year, bumping into people in the streets and waiting in lines for gelato is just starting to feel normal again.

All around the town you’ll find stands selling tickets for boat tours of the island and trips into the famous ‘Blue Grotto’. Sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to see this spectacular sight due to rough waters, but our trip around the island did not disappoint! Absolutely opt for the tour that allows you to get off and swim. I can say that swimming in the fresh Tyrrhenian Sea with the view of Faraglioni as crystal blue waves crash into me has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I can’t believe that this world has so much beauty to offer, found even in places that you would least expect it!

After getting off the boat we decided to head on up to the village of Capri on the funicular to check out the shopping scene. From upscale designer stores to cheesy souvenir shops, Capri will have you covered for finding that special something to commemorate your time here! And definitely don’t pass up the incredible view from the top of the island!

Of course, no trip would be complete without gelato, and today our noses led us to the perfect spot. With the intoxicating smell of fresh waffle cones wafting down the street to us, there was absolutely no way we could resist. ‘Buonocore Gelateria Pasticceria Gastronomia e Tavola Calda’ knows what they’re doing, and the line of people out the front door can prove it.

Mirtilli and stracciatella (my fav!!!) in a waffle cup!

While Capri was not on the Ole Miss study abroad program itinerary, I would definitely not pass up the opportunity to visit this breathtaking place as a day trip in your free time. I truly do feel that it conveyed an entirely different vibe than other places we’ve seen so far, and I can guarantee a visit out here will not be forgotten! I cannot believe I’m going into my very last week here in Salerno. I will try my very best to soak in every single moment that I can and experience everything that this place has to offer me, blogging everything as I go. Stay tuned for more!

Ciao a tutti!


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