SUMMER IN SALERNO: last day in Salerno

So, my time in Italy has finally come to an end. Over the past 4 weeks I’ve seen more things, eaten more pasta, and learned more Italian than I ever have in my life. I am so incredibly thankful for this experience and I could not think of a better day to wrap up my time in Salerno.

While there were a few places around town that I just didn’t get the chance to hit, I’d say that I was overall successful in experiencing almost all that Salerno had to offer! On my last day, I made it my mission to soak up every single last second I got to spend in Salerno, turning my once daily routines into my lasts. I started off the morning with a final run on the lungomare, taking in the sea breeze among the other early morning runners, dog walkers, and 6am beach-goers. No better feeling than experiencing life like a real local. Then, came time to head to school for our final exams and graduation ceremony. After 4 long weeks of hard work, an emotional conclusion with our teachers perfectly summed up our feelings of accomplishment and gratitude and towards Accademia Italiana and this study abroad program as a whole.

My teacher, Pina, and I at our graduation ceremony

After we had stepped out of Accademia Italiana for the final time, the craving for my last authentic Italian pizza had to be fulfilled at none other than l’Archetto, a place that we’ve gotten the chance to know well during our time here. Sitting in this old school Italian restaurant while watching the father of this family run pizzeria make your pizza 10 feet away feels like a surreal experience. I’m convinced that one day I’ll come back and it’ll all be a dream. Finally got to check the l’Archetto diavola (aka pepperoni pizza) off my list!

Diavola pizza from l’Archetto

Pro tip: If you go to Italy asking for a pepperoni pizza, you’ll be served a pizza with vegetable peppers on it. Nicknamed after the devil for its spicy salami, the diavola pizza is what you’re looking for!

After finishing up my long dreaded packing (which surprisingly went very well if I do say so myself), we joined the head of the school for a walk to the famous Palazzo Fruscione in Salerno, where a special photographic art exhibit was taking place, allowed us to step foot into the captivating iconicism of New York’s Chelsea Hotel. Take a look down below to see some of my favorite featured art pieces from “Stories from the Rooms”, a photographic exhibition!

Then came not only the conclusion of the night, but also of our time here in Salerno. With some of the best pasta I’ve eaten while in Italy, this dinner did not disappoint! I opted for the pasta with meat and onions, but after realizing that our pasta dishes were served in huge sharing pots, we decided to go family style! I also got the chance to try a spaghetti with zucchini and a cheesy potato pasta dish. MM MM MM! After my stomach had appropriately turned to 90% pasta, the second meat course was brought out. Angus with tomatoes, arugula, and cheese! No dinner would be complete without a little treat, and the famous zeppole properly satisfied my sweet tooth! Not only was this dinner delicious, but it was a perfect night to wrap up my experience over the last 4 weeks. I am so grateful for the memories that I’ve made and so happy that I had the opportunity to share them with those around me!

My roommate and I wrapped up the night by saying our final farewells to our host mom. Since she works at her restaurant every night, we walked on over and thanked her for everything that she’s done for us during our time in Salerno. It was certainly sad to have to bring an end to our stay, but our host mom’s generosity and enthusiasm throughout the duration of our experience is something that I am so incredibly thankful for!

My host mom, Giovanna, with my roommate and I!

A perfect night for a perfect trip! I know that this day will hold a special memory in my heart when I reminisce on my time here, and I am so happy that I have had the opportunity for this incredible experience (I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s so true). Stay tuned for 24 hours in Rome and my final posts from my time studying abroad!

Ciao a tutti!


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