The Seoul Diaries: A Foodie’s Paradise~ Part 2


Hello again! In this blog post, I will be giving you the other half of my top 5 favorite restaurants thus far in South Korea list that you must try if you ever visit. ** this list is in no particular order**

6. 내가찜한닭

This franchise restaurant can be found just about anywhere and it very well known. The main dish is essentially a pan filled to the brim with cheese, chicken, dumplings, glass noodles, tteok, and other delicious ingredients. I wouldn’t suggest wearing white or light colored clothes if you are planning to go to this place because eating it can get a bit messy, but most restaurants have aprons that you can wear while eating. Whoever invented this dish, they deserve an award. Seriously.

Tip: If you go here, please bring at least 2 other friends and order a medium dish (or large if you have a party of 4-5 people) because these dishes are bigger than you think and hold a lot of food. You have been warned.

It’s still super tasty and filling though!!

7. The 100 Truck (더백푸드트럭)

Located in the hills of Itaewon, this restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering burgers, sweet-potato fries, and amazing sunset views. There is indoor and outdoor seating and you can grab a bite to eat while seeing the sunset across the Seoul skyline. Namsan Tower stands right behind it and the staff are very nice and speak English if you have a hard time ordering in Korean. I highly recommend you bring a friend and order your food right before the sun sets so that you can get the full eating and viewing experience from beginning to end.

8. 어흥식당

Now, steak has never been a huge favorite of mine, but that all changed when I went to this restaurant. Here, you can order a sizzling piece of steak on its own, with cheese and spice, or with an egg and it is so good and affordable. If you get thirsty, there is a fridge in the middle of the restaurant with water bottles and other drinks.

Tip: Most places often have only group-seating available and usually don’t offer places for people to just eat alone, but this restaurant has seating for that!

9. 상미규카츠

Fun story: during their short time in Korea, my parents found this restaurant randomly one day while on their search for a place to eat lunch. In total, I have gone back to eat here at least 5 times since then. They have a variety of food options on their menu, but their famous item is their 규카츠 which consists of thin pieces of katsu (part of the 돈까스 family). The selling point is that you get your own mini grill where you can grill and eat the pieces at your own pace. As the grilling instructions sign suggests, you MUST grill with enthusiasm!~~ 🙂

I have also tried their 찹스테이크 (or just steak) and 꽃등심 규동 (a salad of meat and a really tasty sauce). I would recommend trying their signature dish first and then branch out to the other items on the menu! I also really love the interior because of how cozy it makes the place.

10. 칸다소바

Oh my. This restaurant and dish changed my life. It is essentially a mix of green onions, seaweed, udon noodles, an egg, some chives, and seasoning and it tastes like HEAVEN. For this restaurant, you order at the self-order machine and wait to receive the dish at a cool-looking diner counter where you sit and eat. I never knew that such a simple dish could be so filling. When I ate here for the first time, I finished it all in 20 minutes. **For context, I am an extremely slow eater** If you finish and still have some food remaining, you can ask the waiter for some rice and mix that into the dish. Overall, you can never go wrong with this meal for dinner or lunch.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mom’s Touch – While it may sound a bit weird as a restaurant name, it is a chicken franchise. It is my routine to order their chicken tenders with fries and a drink and watch true crime documentaries on Youtube to pass the time. It is very tasty and is superior to any of the chicken that you can get in the States (except maybeeeee Raising Canes, but close enough)
  • Original Pancake House (Itaewon Branch) – The Original Pancake House gives you a very IHop-meets-a-classic-20’s-american-diner feel while giving you delicious pancake, egg, and salad options. Seriously, their menu is huge. They even have chicken and waffles. FYI, they apparently also have some branches around the U.S.!
  • BIYA부대찌개 본점 – Here you can order a mix of ramen noodles, sausage, cheese, soup, and glass noodles, which is what “부대찌개” is. It is very delicious and the owner serves this dish with tater tots! He sometimes throws in a free complimentary drink of cider or soda at the end and always plays the latest K-pop music videos on the TVs inside. If you have never tried this dish before, I would recommend this place being your first stop.
  • 평강삼계탕 장충점 – I would recommend their famous 삼계탕 dish and seafood pancakes! It is super creamy and delicious. The meat basically slides right off the bone!! This was my first time trying 삼계탕 and I understand the hype now.
  • 구공탄곱창 본점 – Lastly, for all of my 곱창 lovers, welcome to your new favorite 곱창 place! Here you can order either 막창 or 곱창 in a pot along with tteok, egg, green onions, and cheese. It is super filling and a must if you like 곱창. And, no, I won’t tell you what 곱창 is and DON’T look it up! DON’T you dare! Go in with an open mind and just try it …. and then look it up afterwards! 😉

To trying new foods and experiences! See ya in the next post!

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