Special Episode: Food


*DISCLAIMER: I Never Claimed to be an ‘Influence-Star‘*

Welcome to our first special episode in which I have nothing exciting to tell you all, but instead will talk to you about a random topic. Today we will be talking about the food I have eaten since I’ve been here – or at least what I have pictures of…

If you want me to be honest I eat a lot of American food… One of my favorite restaurants is called Mother-in-Law’s Bagels, where they serve traditional bagels with cream cheese and different types of sandwiches, warm and cold, on bagels. There are also a number of other places my friends and I frequent that are US based, such as Issac Toast and Eggcellent. This is all super boring sounding. I know… I’m in Korea I should be eating more exotic food… Well sometimes you just need a taste of home. But I have tried a number of more traditional Korean dishes, such as chicken feet, San-nakji – a live octopus dish popular in Korea – various types of meat pajons -Korean pancakes – and other things. But let’s get into the pictures shall we?

a Korean chicken dish cooked in front of you with veggies, rice cakes, ramen, and cheese around the rim of the pot
a warm, Korean rice bowl that is mixed with veggies and meet (specifically bulgogi in this bowl)
Nanegmyeon (in back)
a Korean, cold-buckwheat noodle dish
Water Dumplings (in back)

My favorite Korean dish I’ve had at a restaurant so far, it was so good I just can’t explain it.

a warm, Korean noodle soup
you add the rice, egg, and veggies, in the bowl, after you finish the noodles to make a sort of porridge
Lunch Box from our POSCO cafeteria on Campus
rice, japchae, bulgogi, dalk-galbi, small salad, corn salad, kimchi, and tiny dried shrimps
a Korean, shaved-ice dessert that is served topped with injeolmi, a sweet red bean paste, and mini mochi
Two Match Lattes
both of which were WAY too sweet

Actually a lot of food here is sweet… even the meat… if something isn’t spicy, it’s sweet. Cheese, drinks, bread, you name it. Kinda weird…

A Whole Rotisserie Chicken
needs no explanation, you all know what it is… along with potato wedges, chicken gizzards, cheese balls, and Alisa’s salad

I am here to report that we order this whole chicken more often that we would like to admit…

Salads from Salady
speaking of salads… HEALTHY QUEENS
Egg Sandwich Set & Vanilla Latte
from my favorite cafe on campus, the Blue Pot, slightly spicy, with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese – sadly cold…
Poke Bowl
salad based bowl with spicy shrimp and vegetables

10/10, close to the school and the girl working spoke fluent English and was really nice. More importantly I got to say “Have a good one,” as a I walked out of the door. :)))

Vietnamese Pho
beef pho, was giving diet pho, VERY underwhelming
Shrimp Balls (in back)
basically hushpuppies with shrimp, but still good

They didn’t even have hoisin sauce!!!! And they didn’t give lime… just a SINGLE slice of lemon! What do I do with that???

Korean Fried Chicken
fried chicken but better than any you can get in a restaurant in America, one order original and one order soy sauce flavor, topped with cheddar fries and fried tteok (rice cake)
Dino Nuggets!!!!!!!!!!! & Cheddar Garlic Fries
exactly what is sounds like, from our favorite fast food restaurant, Mom’s Touch

We are slightly ashamed about how much fried chicken we eat… let’s not discuss. BUT those dino nuggets SLAP! Peep Manny in the back of the photo… Hi Bestie!!!

Steak & Shake Hamburger & Vanilla Milkshake
we HAD to try it, and just to let you know, still top tier
A Good Ole’ American Breakfast
you know what this is… but y’all don’t know how excited I was when I found this place it was sooooo good, will be returning

Breakfast food is indeed my favorite type of food, so maybe this was my happiest day…

Convenience Store Grabs
two types of kimbap – traditional and triangle – string cheese, and random sandwich

I usually just grab food from the convince store when I’m in a rush or just want a quick bite. These included in the picture are my go-to’s. But to be honest I don’t go out to get food a lot. I usually order in on the only delivery app I can use without an ARC and because it is in English, Shuttle. I actually Shuttle almost everyday… it’s just so much easier. When I do eat out though, I forget to take pictures or am too hungry, and dig in as soon as the plate is in front of me. I have quite literally supplied you all with every picture I have taken of my food since I moved in.

Another interesting thing that has occurred since I got here is that I no longer question what I’m eating. There are some things I refuse to try like sundae, Korean blood sausage, and tar tar of any kind. Other than that I’ll try it at least once. Actually no… I refuse to even come near beondegi, warm silk worms.

Other than that… For a quick life update, everything is going pretty good. I stay up way too late to have an 8am every morning and I need to start focusing more on studying. But I’m keeping up pretty well. I’ve even ordered my Korean books we used in my class back home so I can keep up with my classmates because my current Korean classes are basically reviewing grammar I have already learned… It’s okay though because my listening skills are improving a lot and I’m learning A LOT of new words. Hayley, Alisa and I spend most nights together watching old Disney movies or just old movies in general because we are trying to culture Alisa, who somehow has never seen any of them. I also bought a large number of KPOP albums in only two days – we will not speak on it. There will most definitely be more updates to come on these, as I know I will be buying more…

But until next time on Dinners, Drive-ins, and Dines… signing off. – Jaxs *two-finger salute*

Can’t forget everyone’s favorite segment: Jacqueline Rates Things *game show music*

Korean Ice Cream Bars:

  • Hershey’s Cookie and Cream Bar – 10/10 – amazing, a classic coated in white chocolate
  • Dwaeji Bar – 10/10 – thin vanilla ice cream filled with a strawberry jelly, coated in a broken chocolate cookie… giving the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars in America
  • Cookies & Cream Super Cone – 10/10
  • Strawberry Super Cone – 8/10 – wasn’t giving what it needed to give
  • Mint Chocolate Super Cone – 10/10 – exactly what I wanted
  • World Cone – 15/10 – best traditional Korean ice cream cone… giving drumsticks
  • 빵또아 (bbangdoa) Red Velvet – 10/10 – thin layers of red velvet cake with vanilla, cream cheese icing sandwiched in the center, never knew I needed this
  • 빵또아 Hazelnut – 5/10 – I don’t like hazelnut, so I don’t know why I got it, was good just had a strange after taste that I blame on the hazelnut spread in between the vanilla ice cream and yellow cake
  • 붕어싸만코 (Fish Bread Ice Cream) Traditional Red Bean flavor – 10/10 – can’t go wrong with a classic
  • 붕어싸만코 Matcha flavor – 12/10 – did not think I would like it because I’m always iffy on matcha things but it was so so so good
  • Watermelon Bar – 8/10 – good but wasn’t what I was wanting, very artificial watermelon flavor, sad for me who really loves watermelon
  • Corn Ice Cream Bar – 7/10 – actually pretty good, has actual pieces of corn in it, just not something I would grab on a regular day…
  • Melona – 8/10 – half popsicle, half ice cream, very refreshing
  • Any of the Bottle Slushy Ice Cream things – 15/10 – will always hit no matter the flavor

Can you tell I like ice cream?

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