The night is still young (and so am I)

Would you look at that, another episode of my life in Korea! In store today is a short recap of friends, Itaewon, and MOVIE HYPE.

To start, I would just like to say we’re officially in the Scarlet Witch era as there’s less than 1 month before Doctor Strange 2!!! I’ve already forced my friends to keep their schedule cleared on May 4 for this event (still shook at the fact that I get to see it 2 days earlier in Korea). I also am making them watch the first movie and the entirety of WandaVision the weekend before because one thing I hate (like REALLY HATE) is going to the movies and someone asking “wait who is she, where is this, what are they talking about”.

The Goddess front and center 😍

But, before that, let’s take a look back at where I have visited recently, the ever so popular ITAEWON. I would like to start by saying I actually haven’t watched Itaewon Class (fight me about it later because I don’t plan on watching it at this point either), so I actually only know about things related to it from Tiktok. I decided to plan a back-to-back trip there with some friends, one during the day and one during the night. During the first day, not a lot happened. We walked around, ate at a nice brunch place, and I got a haircut. It was not really that much to do there during the day, and not many people were out either.

On the other hand, the nightlife is MUCH more eventful. The night lights are bright, and people are dressed up everywhere (this is honestly what I thought of when I first looked into going here, and it didn’t disappoint). We went to this really good pizza place that had large slices (like head sized slices). Then, we walked around and ventured into “fun places” with a lot of nice people that were really happy 🙂 (and that’s about all I’m going to cover about that trip in this blog post) This weekend was definitely a highlight of my trip thus far. I felt that I truly got the Seoul nightlife experience.

Other small updates, 1. I ate at a lot more delicious restaurants (I have eaten SO MUCH food, but for some reason it’s not showing and I don’t really know where it’s going), 2. met many more new friends, 3. became a manager for my friend’s Tinder (ironically, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this for someone), and 4. I’ve continued my shopping addiction even though I’m halfway across the world (I can’t wait to see how many packages I have when I get back in June).

Lastly, here are some random pics with friends from random days.

And that’ll do it! We have reached the end of yet another episode. In the next 2 weeks, I have midterms so let’s just hope I’m not a decaying corpse typing my next post. But, until then!

P.S. I ALMOST FORGOT! I bought my university’s letterman jacket, so now I really feel like I go to school here. And TRUST, I have taken EVERY imaginably possible excuse to wear it out in public as well.

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